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Children's basketball training

3D Basketball English Teaching

2022-06-27 02:44Children's basketball training
Summary: What are the English terms of basketball actionBank shot: double pump: pull rod shot (verb) fade away shot: back up jump shot: hook shot: jump shot: layup: dribble layup perimeter shot: mid-range shot
What ar3D Basketball English Teachinge the English terms of basketball action
Bank shot: double pump: pull rod shot (verb) fade away shot: back up jump shot: hook shot: jump shot: layup: dribble layup perimeter shot: mid-range shot set shot: standing shot three-point shot: three-point shot NBAHow to spell basketball in English
N. basketball, basketball electric light shines brightly on the basketball court. Electric lights lit up the basket-ball ground. The basketball players of the two countries got together after the game to exchange views on their skillsAsk Kobe and Jordan for basketball teaching videos. Those who want English subtitles must be English subtitles ~ ~_ Baidu knows If not, knock me
Brief introduction to basketball teaching
Basketball is a team game that each side tries to bound, pass and shoot the ball into the hub attached 10 feet high.Ask for the names of basketball positions, English and responsible work, as 3D Basketball English Teachingwell as a detailed explanation of various tactics, plus points and
Ball side: with ball side; Basketball court nameWhat does 3D mean in basketball
3 in 3D means 3 points (meaning that the player will throw 3 points), and D means the acronym of Deffence. 3D combined means a character player who can shoot 3 points and has strong defensive ability. Basketball, in English, originated in MassachusettsHow to say basketball in English
Basketball English is basketball. Basketball, English, originated in Massachusetts, USA, was created by James Naismith on December 21, 1891. It is the core event of the Olympic Games. It is a hand centered physical antagonistic sport. December 21, 1891Terms used in explaining basketball matches in English
One of the basic offensive tactics in basketball. An offensive player gives cover to a teammate who holds the ball; set a pick", Then the screen member moves under the basket and calls " roll", Then take a pass from a teammate and shoot without defense. Pick n' Roll is Malone and Stockton's housekeeping skillEnglish basketball terms
Field goal: free throw percentage: free throw: offensive rebound: rebounding: scoring: scoring: Stea3D Basketball English Teachingl: three-point shot percentage: three-point shot percentage: the basic of playing basketball by mistakeBasketball English terms provide some. Be complete
Basketball English terms venue & equipment Chapter backboard backboard backcourt court court c3D Basketball English Teachingourt court free throw Lane free throw line free throw line frontcourt 7
3D Basketball English Teaching

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