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Basketball training class

Basketball occupation teaching video if it is defense

2022-06-22 18:03Basketball training class
Summary: How to stand best when playing basketballIt depends on whether you are defensive or offensive. If it's defense, try to keep your weight low and your hands open. If it is an attack, we should use ou
How to stand best when playing basketball
It depends on whether you are defensive or offensive. If it's defense, try to keep your weight low and your hands open. If it is an attack, we should use our own conditions to reach the position where we are most likely to attack~
Standard posture for playing basketball
The dribble action consists of four links: body posture, arm action, ball landing point, hand and foot coordination: when the body posture dribbles, keep the two feet open naturally before and after, slightly bend the two knees, slightly tilt the upper body forward, lift the head, and look at the eyes. The non dribbling arm is bent and lifted flat to protect the ballHow to divide the positions in playing basketball
About the station. The center is mainly near the 3-second zone of the interior line, and the forward is near the free throw line. Left or right depends on which side you are good at, and the defender is also similar. From the three-point line to the free throw line. Basketball mainly relies on the team to cooperate with the distribution of positions among teammates. When there is space, it is inseparableBasketball standing diagram
The basketball positions are as follows: point guard No. 1, point guard No. 2, small forward No. 3, power forward No. 4 and Center No. 5. No. 1 point guard is the person who has the most chances to take the ball on the court and plays a leading role by mobilizing his teammates on the court. Take the ball safely from the back to the frontTeaching video for basic knowledge of basketball
Adoption rate: 0% people who help: 0 I also go to answer questions, visit the personal page, pay attention to all There are many teaching videos. I will find them carefully, analyze them carefully, learn from them, and play more in the summer vacation to ensure that your skills will be greatly improvedBasketball skills
Shooting is the main offensive technique of basketball and the only means of scoring. The purpose of offensive players' using other offensive techniques and tactics in the game is to create more and better offensive opportunities and strive to score. The number of shooting points determines the outcome of a gameHow to stand in a basketball formation (picture)
Many basketball tactics will be used in basketball matches, and different tactics will have different positions. Defensive tactics: man to man defense: man to man defense is to define the opponent that everyone should keep an eye on, so the position will change with the movement of the opponent's players, and there is no fixed position. 2-3 joint defense: This is a kind of regional defenseHow should I stand when playing basketball
Attack: the center is standing near the three second zone, the power forward is standing at a distance of two 45 degrees, the small forward is near the two bottom corners, the point guard is mostly inserted from the upper line to the three second zone and then pulled back from the other side to the outer line, and the point guard is usually standing near the top arc of the outer line. Defense: there are generally two kinds of joint defense: two three joint defense and three two joint defenseHow to make a jump shot in basketball
First, pull the ball in front of the opponent at a certain distance, then pull a ball in front of the opponent, then pull the ball backward with the backhand, and then jump back to take the ball, and then makeBasketball occupation teaching video  if it is defense a jump shot (the backward jump has been pulled at a certain distance from the opponent) {this move must be practiced in a coBasketball occupation teaching video  if it is defensensistent way} it can't be prevented:)
A tutorial on basic movements of playing basketball
Catch up: when the shot is missed, the player jumps up in the air and makes up the ball into the basket. Blocking: the attacker uses footwork to block the defender behind him. This footwork is called blocking (mostly used for rushing and grabbing rebounds). Lead and catch: move along the flight direction of the pass and catch the ball
Basketball occupation teaching video if it is defense

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