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Basketball segmented defense teaching single stack

2022-06-29 11:04Basketball training class
Summary: How to stand in the full court defense of basketballSingle post, four out (one inside and four outside) is used when the team has excellent low post offensive players, because it opens the way for low
How to stand in the full court defense of basketball
Single post, four out (one inside and four outside) is used when the team has excellent low post offensive players, because it opens the way for low post players to play singles. Single stack is used to resist oppressive defense. Once the ball is successfully fed to the inside, it forms a one-to-one singlesBasketball defensive footwork skills
1) Slide in place: preparatory position: stand with two feet and two arms hanging down naturally. Action process: lift the heel with the left foot, and the center of gravity of the body falls on the front sole of the foot. After the left foot presses the heel, the right foot straightens and slides backward for a full distance. Then, after the toe is off the ground, bend the leg and move forward to the original position. Lift the heel with the right foot, and at the same time, lift the heel with the right footHow to practice the defense of the whole basketball game
The highest level of individual defense in basketball: active defense. So far, no player in active service has been able to do this, and I only saw it in the game video of rambil. What is active defense? Generally speaking, the defender is always passive, and the pace is always a beat slower than the offensive strategyBasketball defensive skills and training methods
Perfect defense rules!!! Note that this article is specially formulated for the perfect offensive talents. They are one in a hundred. They have comprehensive skills, can shoot and shoot, have a wide field of vision and bow from left to right. (5000 words are omitted here). When dealing with such animals, how many choices do you have? OneBasketball Defense Teaching
When the opponent stops dribbling and stands ready to pass the ball, it is best to immediately take close defense to interfere with the opponent's passing or make the opponent unable to pass the ball easily. In addition, when defending, five people should withdraw in time, and teammates should have the awareness of assisting and supplementing defense. This awareness is the so-called basketball IQ! On the offensive side, no matterBasic defensive rules of basketball
Special circumstances of 10/19 basketball rules 10/19 basketball rules 8 seconds 10/18 basketball rules throw ball into the boundary 10/18 basketball rules interference score and interference 10/17 basketball rules 24 seconds 10/17 basketball rules jump ball and alternate responsibilities and rights of coaches with 10/16 basketball rules 10/Basic rules of Basketball Defense
It is easy to move to the left and right. It is suitable for personal defense. It is highly offensive and can effectively prevent the opponent from moving forward. There is also a kind of oblique defensive posture, that is, two feet stand back and forth, the arm on the same side of the front foot rises, and the other arm stretches fBasketball segmented defense teaching  single stacklat. This position is easy to move back and forthExplanation of defensive skills in basketball
The key point of defense must be the footstep, which can be seen from the referee's blowing principle. Pay attention to three points. First, seize a favorable position. Second, pay attention to the vertical principle. Third, pay less attention to the ball. Unless you have a good grasp, don't take out the ball. It's very easy to be convicted of a foulHow to quickly learn the skills of basketball defense
The standing awareness of the inside line determines whether the defender has the possibility to restrain the opponent. Since the opponent is an inside player with height advantage, it is inevitable to have some characteristics of inside players. It is important to make full use of the weaknesses of these characteristicsThere are several ways to defend basketball
Joint defense, as the name suggests, means joint defense. It is divided into standing joint defense and contraposition joint defense. If combined with man marking, it can also be changed into mixed defense (mixed defense). The biggest difference between joint defense and man marking is that man marking is the ultimate goal, while joint defense is the ultimate goal
Basketball segmented defense teaching single stack

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